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Template Projects

Projects containing personal settings are saved as  "Template projects"  and these projects are used when opening a new project.

In template projects:

  1. Font size heights, fonts, etc. all visual settings found in dialogs

  2. Default values ​​in dialogs for objects

  3. Default values ​​used during analysis, concrete and drawing of structural elements

  4. Wall and element load default information

  5. TBDY 2018 Analysis Wizard default information

  6. Data entry unit settings

  7. Reinforcement diameters that can be used in the selection of reinforcement

  8. Element parameters dialogs, pursmail values ​​related to reinforcement, reinforcement spacing conditions and so on. design-oriented parameters

  9. Concrete and reinforcing steel classes of reinforced concrete elements, steel class of steel members, section properties, default sections, default dimensions of all element elements

  10. Selective report settings

  11. Background color

  12. Dimension settings

  13. Layer settings

  14. Visibility settings of objects on floors

  15. Advanced snap, ortha, etc. cursor snap settings

  16. Grid settings

  17. Stair view settings

  18. Section view settings

Without being limited to these items, adjust all the content you can see in the dialogs in the program according to your own project habits and save the project. You can open this registered project while starting your next project and continue your project.

You can copy your edited template projects into a folder under the program folder \ templates \ structural and make them appear in the "new project" dialog in the program.


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