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Maximum Permissible Calculated Deflections per ACI 318-19 with ideCAD

How does ideCAD calculate the maximum permissible deflections according to ACI 318-19?

  • Permissible Calculated Deflection Limits are calculated automatically according to Table 24.2.2

Deflection calculated in accordance with “Calculation of immediate deflections” and “Calculation of time-dependent deflections” should not exceed the limits ACI 318-19 Table 24.2.2 given below.



Deflection to be considered

Deflection limitation

Flat roofs

Not supporting or attached nonstructural elements likely to be damaged by large deflections Immediate deflection due to L

Immediate deflection due to maximum of Lr, S, and R




Roof or Floors

Sıpporting or attached to nonstructural elements

Likely to be damaged by large deflections

That part of hte total deflection occurring after attachment of nonstructural elements, which is the sum of the time-dependent deflection due to all sustained loads and the immediate deflection due to any additional live load


Not likely to be damaged by large deflections


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