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Describing Short/Head Shearwall

Short/head shearwall pieces connected to group shearwalls, which do not provide 1/6 size ratio in shearwall groups, can be added to the sherawall arm as a title. The short/head shearwall can added as a title to the corresponding shearwall arm of the group shearwall by selecting the Short/head shearwall option in the shearwall properties and naming the same group shearwall. When the Short head shearwall option is selected from the shearwall properties, 1/6 aspect ratio control is not performed.

Location of the Short/Head Shearwall Feature

You can access the short/head shearwall feature from the Shearwall Settings dialog.


Usage Steps

  • Define the short/head shearwalls in the plan plane in the appropriate size and position using the Shearwall command.

  • Click twice on the defined short/head shearwall to open the Properties window.

  • From the Shearwall Settings window, click on the Reinforcement Design tab.

  • Under Head Reinforcement, activate the short/head shearwall option.

  • In this way, the short/head shearwall you choose will be included in the head of the shearwall arm they are attached to.

  • Select all the short/head shearwall and shearwall arms and click the Properties command from the right-click menu .

  • The shearwall settings  dialog will open.

  • Give a name to the group name line and click the OK button to close the window.

  • Defining a Shearwall Group

  • All shearwalls together with the short/head shearwall will be defined as a single shearwall group.

  • Short/head shearwall are taken into account in the shear strength calculation of the shearwall group.

After the analysis, the  shearwall design results can be seen in the  Shearwall Core Reinforcement dialog.

 You can create shearwall group reports by clicking the  Shearwall Group icon under the Reports  tab,  Concrete title in the ribbon menu.

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