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Scale by Reference

With the Scale by Reference command, the size of 2D objects (such as line, circle, arc) is changed. Objects are enlarged/reduced by entering reference values ​​after the reference point is determined.

Location of the Scale by Reference Command

You can access the Scale by Reference command under the Modify heading in the ribbon menu Drawings tab .

Usage Steps

  • Click the Scale by Reference icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Select the entities you want to scale.

  • Complete the selection step by clicking the right mouse button. The shape of the cursor will change.

  • Click with the left mouse button to give the base point.

  • In the dialog that comes up, enter the current scale (for example 1) and click the OK button.

  • The same dialogue will come across you again. Enter the new scale (eg 2). The selected objects will be scaled. According to the example we have given, the length of a line with a length of 1 meter in the drawing area will increase to 2 meters.

Usage step

Selecting the objects to scale

Giving the base point

Entering current scale (e.g. 1)

Entering new scale (eg 2)


After scale by reference

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