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Column reinforcement design rules are not satisfied for beam

Full message:

Column reinforcement design rules are not satisfied for beam with axial force.

Reinforcement design rules such as columns are not provided for the beam under the influence of axial force.

In TBDY 2018 Article, the design axial pressure force must meet the condition Nd ≤ 0.10 Ac fck in the structural system elements to be dimensioned and equipped as beams. Otherwise, these elements will be dimensioned and equipped as columns according to TBDY 2018 7.3.

In the beams for which the error message was given, Nd > 0.10 Ac fck. In order to reinforce the beam as a column, the following conditions must be met.

  • The longitudinal rebar diameter must be greater than 14 mm.

  • Continuity of reinforcement with neighboring beams must be ensured.

  • The rebar ratio must be greater than 1%.

  • The distance between two rebars should be less than 25 times the diameter of the beam stirrup.

  • Capacity ratio must be ensured.

If one of these conditions is not met, this message will be given.


Satisfy all of the conditions given above, or increase the beam size sufficiently to meet the Nd ≤ 0.10 Ac fck condition and perform the analysis again.

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