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How to define network dongles on client computers from host computer?

How to define network locks to computers connected to the network is explained in detail under this title.

Configuration Settings for VPN Connection

To connect to a HASP network dongle from an external network, it is necessary to provide each remote workstation with the IP address of the computer on which the dongle is attached.

For example, on a network with address, if the dongle connects to a server with address (see below), the following operations will be performed on the IP remote machine.


Network traffic occurs on port 1947 (both TCP and UDP).

  • Please check that the ports are open and that the firewall is not blocking communication.

  • Allow the port if necessary.

Remote Client Configuration on Client Computer

  • Configure the dongle machine IP address on each remote computer.

  • You can access the Sentinel Admin Control Center from any machine at http://localhost:47/ . The following screen will open.

  • Under the "Configuration" menu, select "Access to Remote License Managers" and type the dongle machine's IP address ( for this example).

  • Check the “Allow Access to Remote licenses” and “Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses” options.

  • Then confirm by clicking the "Submit" button.

Configuration the Locked Host Computer

  • Enter the console with http: // localhost: 1947 / .

  • Select “Access from Remote Clients” under “Configuration” .

  • You should be able to see client computers in the “Show Recent Client Access” item.

  • Establish the VPN connection and check that the server can be accessed from the remote machine.

  • You need to repeat these operations on each remote computer.

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