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In the shearwall group, the size ratio must meet (1/6) condition

The Complete Message:

In the curtain group, the dimension ratio of at least one curtain must meet (1/6) condition or define it as a polygon column.

In the TBDY article, walls are defined as vertical bearing system elements whose long side to thickness ratio is at least six.

Each branch of curtains defined as curtain group must fulfill the condition of being curtain. If this condition is not met, this error message is given.

Solution :

  • Since the arms 1/6 ratio is not provided, the elements can be defined as polygons instead of defining each curtain piece.

  • Curtain arms can be entered instead of the condition of being 1/6 curtain. The lengths in the plan can be increased. (Can be made in sizes 25/150, 30/180 etc.)

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