The Complete Message:

Beam width cannot be more than total of beam height and column/shearwall width. (TBDY 2018

In TBDY (a) , beam web width shall be at least 250 mm. The beam body width shall not exceed the sum of the height of the beam and the perpendicular width of the column or curtain to the beam, provided there is. You are warned because this condition is not met.

Solution :

  • The width of the vertical bearing element to which the beam joins can be increased.

  • The width of the beam may be reduced provided it is not less than 250 mm.

To change the beam width:

  1. Select the beam/beams

  2. Enter the properties.

  3. Change the beam width in the General tab and click the OK button.

To change the column size:

  1. Select column/columns

  2. Click the Change Column Dimensions icon on the left toolbar.

  3. In the Column Dimensions dialog that opens, enter the column dimensions in the column long edge direction and column short side direction lines and click the OK button.