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Designing the Curtain Wall Model

The model that makes up the curtain wall is defined in the unit scheme tab. In the unit diagram, how many records (grids) the model will consist of mullion and transom and the distances between them are entered. The curtain wall object is created by combining this model, which is defined as a scheme, one after another.

Location of Unit Scheme

You can access it under the Ribbon menu, Facade tab, Exterior Facade title. The unit scheme is in the curtain wall settings dialog.

Usage Steps

  • Open the curtain wall settings dialog.

  • Click the Unit Scheme tab.

  • In the model, T1, T2 designations are transom, M1 and M2 etc. naming refers to the mullion lengths.

  • Click the add button in the mullions section. Enter the mullion interval value as 150 cm.

  • Click the add button in the transoms section. Enter the transom interval value as 75 cm.

  • The module will change according to the edits you made in the preview.

Usage step

The initial version of the model

Adding mullion

Adding transom

The final version of the model

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