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Well Foundation Reinforcements

Well foundation reinforcement design results and inadequacy of individual foundations are displayed in the Well Foundation Reinforcement dialog. In the Well Foundation Reinforcement dialog, foundation reinforcements, static and dynamic control results are given.

Location of Well Foundation Reinforcement Dialog

After the Well Foundation Analysis is done, you can access it by clicking on the Well Foundation command under the Concrete Design title of the ribbon menu Analysis and Design tab.

Well Foundation Reinforcements


Well foundation and rebar list

As a result of the calculation, the list of all rebars selected on the well foundation is shown as a table. Rebars were selected automatically by the program. Double click on the cell to change the related rebar.


There is a preview of the well foundation selected from the list.

Static controls

Information on static controls can be found under this section.

Shear controls

Information on shear checks is available under this section.

Dynamic controls

Information on dynamic controls can be found under this section.

Downfall controls

Information on downfall controls can be found under this section. Clicking on the Details button opens the Downfall Analysis dialog.

Migration Analysis


Schematic drawing and coordinate selection area

Schematic drawing of the well foundation. The program makes iterations using the slice method. By clicking on the figure on the screen, the account values ​​for different downfall circle can be displayed.

Information on the downfall circle is listed.


The results of the selected coordinate are listed.

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