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Hall Macro Working Principles

Industrial building structures can be modeled by creating halls and partitions with Hall Macro.

Hall and Section Definitions

The hall macro consists of two main parts called hall and partition. The partitions should be considered as the sub parts of the halls. The hall is the part added to the macro horizontally, and the part is the part added vertically.

Hall and Partition Relationship

Section length and number can be adjusted according to the desired, while the widths vary depending on the halls.

If there is more than one hall created in the same macro, the connection between the sections is automatically established. The same value is used for the section lengths in the same alignment. A change in section length is automatically applied to all halls in line with it.

Below, the length of section 1 of hall 1 was taken as 500 cm.



Below, the length of section 1 belonging to hall 1 has been changed to 800 cm.


Hall Macro Elements

Inside the hall macro, there are automatically defined column, beam, purlin, brace, coating, truss, foundation, connection beam, wall, wind column elements. Required adjustments can be made from the hall settings dialog.

The changes made will be reflected simultaneously on the hall / halls.

Element representations in the plan:

Elements on front view:

Elements on side view:

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