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Review Concrete Design

You can review the design results of reinforced concrete elements in the Review Concrete Design.ide10 project with Analysis+Design.

Review Concrete Design.ide10

  • Click Structural Inspection tab in the ribbon menu.

  • From the Output heading, open the Concrete All Failures list.

  • Click the As(-) Concrete Insufficient Rebar Area command.

  • Reinforcement insufficiency results will appear in the visualization window.

  • From Visualization dialog, select All Failures from the Design Output list.

  • Failure situations are seen in the column design results.

  • It means that there is no insufficiency in the green colored elements, and there is an insufficiency in the red colored elements.

  • Select the Longitudinal rebar pursantage (%-Columns) from Concrete list.

  • The longitudinal reinforcement ratios used in the column concrete design are shown.

  • Close the visualization dialog .

  • Click the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu.

  • Open the Concrete list in the Design heading.

  • Click on the column command.

  • The Column Reinforcement dialog opens.

  • In the Column Reinforcement dialog, click on the Columns tab.

  • Reinforcement information of concrete columns is given.

  • Click the Forces-Reinforcement Areas tab.

  • The internal force values ​​used in the column design are listed.

  • Calculated-required-existing reinforcement areas are examined.

  • Column design internal forces are examined.

  • Click the Capacity Diagrams tab.

  • Calculated axial force and biaxial bending interaction curve are given.

  • Click the Moment-Curvature tab.

  • Activate the Caltrans idealized model.

  • Activate the stop when a fiber reaches ultimate stress.

  • Moment- Curvature analysis results calculated using fibers appear.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • Open the Concrete list in the Design heading.

  • Click the Beam command.

  • The Beam Reinforcement dialog opens.

  • Click the Beams tab of the Beam Reinforcement dialog.

  • Reinforcement information of concrete beams is listed.

  • Click the Concrete Configuration tab.

  • Beam concrete drawings and expansions will be seen.

  • Click the Reinforcement Areas tab.

  • Calculated-required-existing reinforcement areas of the concrete beam are displayed.

  • Click the Forces & Details tab.

  • Internal forces values ​​used in Concrete Beam design are listed.

  • Click the Deflection & Crackings tab.

  • Concrete beam deflection and crack control calculation is visible.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • Open the Concrete list in the Design heading.

  • Click the Slab command.

  • The Slab Reinforcement dialog opens.

  • In the Slabs tab, slab reinforcements are listed.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

Follow the steps of the video below.


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