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Incline Objects

The inclined system is defined by giving the slope direction to the object with the incline objects command. The elevation of beams and columns changes automatically. The defined system is followed from the 3D view.

Location of the Incline Objects Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu Modify tab, under the title Entity Edit.

You can also access it from the slab toolbar.

Usage Steps

The Incline Objects command can be used to make a slab with a horizontal position with undefined elevations.

  • Create the slab.

  • Cick the Incline Objects icon in the toolbar that appears .

  • Select slabs that you would describe as incline slab.

  • Press the right mouse button again. The program "Some objects at slab boundaries are not selected. Selecting slab’s boundaries for setting incline as a whole structure recommended. Do you want to select slab boundary objects?” will ask the question.

  • Click the Yes button.

  • Click two points in turn to indicate the direction you want to incline. The first point you choose will determine the beginning of the incline plane.

  • The Incline Options dialog will open after the process . Enter the slope related parameters in the dialog.

  • When you click the OK button, the slope will occur.

Usage step

Slab before the inclinde objects command

Selecting the slab to slope

Making the selection in the warning dialog

Creating the slope direction by clicking two points

Making settings in the incline options dialog

Slab after the inclinde objects command

Incline Options Dialog


Start level

Give the start level according to the selected level.

Relative to story top

The elevation value given is taken from the top of the story.

Relative to story bottom

The elevation value given is taken from the bottom of the story.


The level value given is taken from the generally defined zero elevation of the story, independent of the stories worked.

Ending elevation = starting elevation +

In the direction of the given slope direction, the end level is found by adding the value entered in the box and the starting level. A negative value can also be entered to change the direction of the slope.

Use slope angle

Objects selected according to the given angle value are arranged inclined.

Use slope percentage

Objects selected according to the given percentage value are arranged with a slope.

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