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Dynamic Input

With the "Dynamic Input"  feature, length and angle information are entered instantly during the object identification step. You can switch between the length-angle values ​​by pressing the TAB key on the keyboard during the process.


To open dynamic input;

  • Open the Preferences dialog.

  • Click on the polar tracking tab.

  • If the dynamic input on option is not checked, check it and close the dialog.

Let's draw a line with a length of 500 cm and an angle of 60 degrees as an example with the Dynamic Input facility:

  • Click the line command and click the drawing area to give the 1st point of the line.

  • Type 500 on the keyboard. The length value will be 500 cm. (If your working unit is meters, write 0.5)

  • Press the TAB key on the keyboard. The cursor will be in the Angle box. (If you press the TAB key continuously, the cursor will jump to the angle and length information boxes respectively.)

  • Write 60 as the angle value.

  • Click the left mouse button or press the Enter key, a line will be formed.

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