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Load Combinations for Steel and Cold-Formed Steel Buildings (

  • Load combinations with earthquake effects are automatically generated by using Equations 4.11 and 4.12 .

  • While designing the steel structure, 9.1a-9.1c is used in the selection of GKT, while G in Equation 4.12 in accordance with (a) is used as 1.2G for YDKT.

Different loading combinations should be used according to the method used in steel structure design. Loading combinations are arranged automatically according to the selected steel structures regulation and the method belonging to this regulation . The edited combinations are given under three headings: reinforced concrete, steel and user-defined under the subtitle of building tree loading combinations in the interface. All combinations used for reinforced concrete, steel and base pressure control are given in the subtitle of optional report loading situations and loading combinations.

Basic Combinations (Dead, live or other loads) with Seismic Load Effects.

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