The Find Entity command finds any named object. Zooms the drawing view to that object and allows it to be selected.

Location of Find Entity Command

You can access it from the ribbon menu Tools tab under the Tools heading.

You can also access the find entity command by pressing the Ctrl+F keys on the keyboard .

Usage Steps

  • Click the Find entity command.

  • In the ID of Entity line, write the name of the object that appears in the plan. (C101, D104 etc)

  • Click the Find button.

  • The program will zoom in on the object.

  • The object will be selected with the Select button.

  • Press the Esc key to exit the dialog.

Find Entity Dialog


ID of entity

Enter the name of the object to be found.

Match case

If the option is checked, the case is taken into account during the search.

Match whole words

If the option is checked, whole words are matched.


The object whose name is entered is searched, and if found, the object is zoomed in the plan window.


The found object becomes selected.