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Drafting Mode

By creating new layers, it is possible to store alternative project drawings on the same layout, in different layers. For this purpose, there is a layer called Drafting Mode.

  • You can switch by clicking the Drafting Mode icon in the ribbon menu .

  • You can switch from the vertical toolbar by clicking the Drafting Mode icon.

  • The drafting toolbar will open.

  • In drafting mode, the project appears in the background in a gray tint. Here, you can draw various drafts on the project using primitive objects (line, circle, arc, curve, text, etc.) and generate alternative ideas.

Drafting mode turned on

Drafting mode turned off

  • Everything drawn in drafting mode is included in the sketch layer. When you exit Drafting mode, the sketch layer turns off and these drawings are not visible on the screen.

  • Click the drafting mode icon again to exit the drafting mode.

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