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Architectural Structural Teamwork with ideCAD

The most important stakeholders of the BIM process are Architects, Civil Engineers, and Field practitioners. The BIM model used should enable you to manage this process completely, including architectural projecting, structural projecting and calculations, visualization, regulations, and specifications. ideCAD fully meets this workflow.

There is no need to create a new model for the structural concrete calculations of architectural projects prepared with ideCAD Architecture. Because the Building Information Model was created in the architectural project phase of the projected building. Building objects such as walls, columns, beams, foundations, stairs, slabs are common to both professions. In addition, the properties of the objects such as width, height, height, material are also the same. Thus, the engineer receives a project from the architect, consisting of elements whose parameters are almost completely determined at the end of the design work. The fact that the walls and slabs can be defined at the architectural project stage enables the project and engineering works to start without any loss of information and time and shortens the structural preparation process.

Architectural, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure Design

With ideCAD Yapı, reinforced concrete and steel mixed multi-story structures, hall-type and intermediate-story industrial buildings, canopy structures, stadiums, and similar structures, structures with multi-story reinforced concrete over steel cantilever roof, lower floors reinforced concrete next slab steel structures can be modeled.

Thanks to Building Information Modeling, common data is studied in the architectural and structural projecting process. In the system that allows architects and engineers to work together on the same structure, the project is modeled once and "Full Integration" is achieved. Architectural and formwork plans are two separate modes of operation within the same project and overlap each other.

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