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Setting Form of Header and Footer

With the truss header and footer shape settings, the shape of the truss heads are adjested by entering the truss settings before drawing the trusses. By entering the scissors settings, arc and/or line selection is made for the truss heads.

Location of Form of Header and Footer Settings

You can access the Truss Settings dialog by clicking the Settings icon from the Trusses toolbar that opens when the Truss command is clicked. Truss pattern type and count settings are available on the Form tab.


Usage Steps

  • Click the Truss icon in the ribbon menu .

  • The truss toolbar will open. Here Settings , click the icon.

  • The Truss Settings dialog will be displayed. Here click the Form tab.

  • Choose between arc and straight form according to the type of truss.

  • When you exit the dialogue by saying OK, the form of truss will be created according to choice.

Form Tab



Keep previous settings

Keeps the previous settings.

Angle difference between arc segments


The precision angle difference between arcs used when creating truss. As sensitivity increases, processing speed decreases.

Arc header

Only the top head of the truss is curvilinear.

Arc footer

Only the bottom head of the truss is curved.

Line header and footer

Both the top and bottom head of the truss is in linear form.

Arc header and footer

Both the top and bottom head of the truss is curvilinear.


Includes a preview of the truss. The selected format can be followed simultaneously in the preview.

Header and Footer Forms


Arc header

Arc footer

Line header and footer

Arc header and footer

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