To create gable walls under gable roofs; the wall height is set to a value that will exceed the roof and the "Trim to Roof" command is used.

Follow the steps below;

  • Enter a value for the height of the walls on either side of your gable roof that will cross the roof.

  • Click the Home/Roof/Roof/Trim to Roof icon in the ribbon menu. The Trim to Roof  toolbar will open.

  •  Click the New Trim Group icon in the trim to roof toolbar  .

  • Select the roof with the left mouse button and click the right mouse button.

  • Select your walls and click the right mouse button.

  • The Roof Trim Settings dialog will be displayed.  Click the OK button after the desired settings are made  .

  • The walls you choose will be cut, your gable walls will be formed.