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Beamless (mushroom) floor systems should contain shear walls.

The Complete Message:

Structural systems with non-beam (cork) flooring should contain curtain in X and Y directions.

In TBDY , in structural systems containing only non-beam slabs, all of the earthquake effects will be covered by reinforced concrete buildings with high ductility level bond beam (hollow) and / or non-void walls or gapless walls with limited ductility level (A12, A13 and A32 carrier systems in Table 4.1. ). In steel buildings, central and / or eccentric braced or prevented braced frames or central braced frames with limited ductility level will be used (C12, C13 and C32 bearing systems in Table 4.1). The calculation of such systems will be done in two stages. In the first stage calculation, frame columns will be hinged from the bottom and from the top. In the second stage calculation, the connections of these elements will be modeled as monolithic, there is a condition.

Based on this article, the curtain should be defined in the system.

Solution :

Repeat the calculation by adding curtain to the structure.

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