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Design of Steel Members for Shear per AISC 360-16 §G

How does ideCAD calculate steel members' shear strength according to AISC 360-16?

  • The shear strength of steel elements is calculated automatically according to AISC 360-16.


E = Modulus of elasticity of steel = 29,000 ksi (200 000 MPa)
Fy = Specified minimum yield stress
h = clear distance between flanges less the fillet at each flange, in. (mm)
Vn = Nominal shear strength, kips (N)
tw = thickness of web, in. (mm)
λw = Limiting width-to-thickness parameter

In design per share, it is assumed that shear force is completely carried by the web, no interaction between bending and shear occurs, yield stress in shear is,

  • The design shear strength =

  • The allowable shear strength =

The nominal shear strength, Vn, shall be determined depending on the slenderness defined by (h/tw) according to the limit state of shear yielding and shear buckling.

  • If satisfies shear-yielding controls.

  • If satisfies, shear buckling controls.

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