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Concentrically Braced Frames

With the concentrically braced frames command, concentrically braced frames are determined in the building system.

Location of Concentrically Braced Frames Command

You can access it from the ribbon menu, Analysis and Design tab , under the Steel Design heading.

Usage Steps

  • From the analysis and design tab , click the Concentrically Braced Frames icon.

  • Select your concentrically braced steel frame members in your project.

  • Click the right mouse button to end the command.

The controls of the determined frameworks are carried out within the framework of the following items in accordance with TDY 2018 .


  • Header width/thickness, body height/thickness and diameter/thickness ratios of beams, columns and braces are controlled according to the relevant limit value given in Table 9.3 (Article

  • Required strengths for dimensioning beams and columns The excess strength coefficient given in 9.2.6 is found from load combinations containing the increased earthquake effect with D (Item 9.7.2).

  • The slenderness ratio of the braces (bar buckling length/radius of inertia) is checked (see

  • The required strengths for dimensioning the braces are found from the load combinations including the earthquake effect given in Article 9.2.5 (Item

  • For V or inverted V shaped brace systems , the additional conditions given in are not currently considered.

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