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Defining Linear Slab Load

The Linear Slab Load command is defined a linear load (wall, parapet, etc.) on the slab. The load values ​​of the linear slab load are defined in the Point-Linear Load Settings dialog.

Location of Linear Slab Load Command

You can reach it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete topic heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Linear Slab Load icon.

  • Create the starting point of your linear load with the left mouse button.

  • Create the end point by moving your mouse to the point where your linear load will end and clicking the left mouse button.

  • Your linear slab load will be defined.

Usage step

Slab before defining linear slab load

Creating the starting point of the linear slab load by clicking the left mouse button

Establishing the end point of the linear slab load

Linear slab load defined slab

Linear slab load is taken into account in rib and waffle slabs if the system is semi-rigid.

Point-Linear Load Settings Dialog

You can access the Point-Line Load Settings by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the linear slab load you have drawn.



If the linear/point load to be defined will be a constant load, the value is written in the G column.


If the linear/point load to be defined will be a live load, the value is written in the Q column.


The drawing color of the linear/point load is adjusted in the plan. Clicking on the color box with the left mouse button, the mouse cursor is moved over the opened color palette. The key is released when the desired color is highlighted. The color box turns into the selected color.

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