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Editing Height and Elevation Settings

When the scaffolding is created for the first time, the story height and number of stories defined in the story general settings are taken into account, the scaffolding height is calculated automatically. Scaffolding stories will be created according to the partition height. The scaffolding will be placed according to the 0 elevation of your active story.

If it is wanted to add stories later or delete stories from the existing scaffolding, this operation is done from the Story Count setting. At the same time, adding or deleting stories is made from the Height adjustment, and the scaffolding is placed at a elevation different from zero using the Elevation adjustment. According to the entered partition height value, the story number will be calculated automatically and changed.

Location of Height and Elevation Settings

Select the scaffolding whose settings you want to edit and click the right mouse button. Click Properties from the right-click menu that opens .

You can also access the scaffolding settings dialog by double-clicking on your scaffolding with the left mouse button.

Usage Steps

  • Select the scaffolding where you will edit the height and elevation settings and enter the settings.

  • Edit the height and elevation values ​​in the scaffolding settings tab.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • The elevation of your scaffolding will change according to the value you enter.

  • The story count will change automatically according to the new height value you enter.

The scaffolding when the elevation value is 0 cm and the height value is 600 cm

The scaffolding when the elevation value is -200 cm and the height value is 600 cm

The scaffolding when the elevation value is -200 cm and the height value is 800 cm

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