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ODT Object Edit

Move, extend, clone, duplicate object, mirror and delete commands are used to edit the door-window design.


When you point to the object and click the right mouse button, you can move the object by clicking the Move line in the list that opens .


A polygon or spline can be turned into a 3D object. You can usually use this to make a door or window handle.

  • Click on the Change / Extend line.

  • Click on the polygon.

  • Enter the values ​​x = 0, y = 0, z = 0.3 from the dialog box that appears (You can do the extension by moving the extended part with the mouse, but it will be useful to enter values ​​from the dialog box to ensure that the values ​​are integers.)


You can create a copy of the object by clicking the Create / Clone line.

Duplicate Object (Array)

You can use an object to duplicate the same object more than once.

  • Click the line Create / Duplicate Object (Array) .

  • Click on the object (s) and click the right mouse button.

  • From the dialog that opens, you can duplicate the objects in series by entering the object number and the object-to-object range values ​​for each object, and then clicking the apply button.

Mirror X, Y, Z

When you click one of the Modify / Mirror / XYZ Coordinates lines, a copy of the object will be created and its symmetry will be taken on the selected plane.


You can delete the object (s) by clicking the Change / Delete line. Object deletion can be done by pressing the Del / Delete key on the keyboard while the object is selected .

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