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Column shear safety is not satistied

This message is created at the beginning of the report by giving the name of the element and its story.

For example,

S8, Ground Floor Column shear safety is not satistied

On the columns:

And it should be 0.85 Aw √ fck.

In all elements:

Vd ≤ should be 0.22 fcd bw d (TS 500).

And ≤ must be 0.22 fcd bw d (TS 500)

Column shear safety depens on two conditions.

  1. Vr breaking capacity and if the design remains smaller than the shear force. (And must Ve <Vr)

  2. And if the design exceeds the Vmax, which must be controlled from the shear force as per regulation

Possible Solutions:

  • For cases 1 and 2, the cross section dimensions of the named and story element can be enlarged.

  • For case 2, it can increase the transverse (for stirrup selection) reinforcement diameters that can be used for the relevant element in the Reinforcement Selection dialog.

  • Concrete and reinforcement class can be increased for the 1st and 2nd case.



Ac = Column and shearwall cross section area

fck = characteristic cylinder compressive strength of concrete

bw = Section width

d = Section height

fcd = Design compressive strength of concrete

Vd = Design shear force calculated under increased vertical loads

Ve = Design shear force calculated considering earthquake code conditions

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