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Trimming Column

Trim Column command is used to deform the column edges. It is valid for rectangular and polygon columns. It is not used in circle columns. With this method, the dimensions of the polygon columns can be easily changed. A rectangular column trimmed with the trim column command loses its rectangular column feature and falls into the polygon column class.

Trim column command is used to extend the column to the beam.

Location of Trim Column Command

You can access it under the Modify tab Entity Edit title in the ribbon menu.

You can also access the menu by moving the mouse over the column and clicking the right button.

Usage Steps

  • Select your column and click the right mouse button. Click the Trim Column row from the drop down list.

  • Click on the edge of your column where you want it to change.

  • Select the outer edge of your angled beam that the program will refer to. The program will reference your chosen beam edge.

  • Your column will be shaped in accordance with the beam edge you have chosen.

Usage step

Column before trimming

Choosing the column edge to be changed by trimming

Selecting the outer edge of the exposed beam as a reference

Trimming the column

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