A ch = Gross cross-sectional area of ​​each curtain segment, slab or each slab in a hollow slab
f ctd = Design tensile strength of concrete
f ck = Characteristic cylinder compressive strength of concrete
f ywd = Design yield strength of transverse reinforcement
V e = Shear force taken as basis for transverse reinforcement calculations in columns, beams, junctions and walls
V r = Shear force ofcolumn, beam or curtain section
ρ sh = Volumetric ratio of horizontal web reinforcements in the wall

TBDY Article - Shear strength of wall sections, V r , shall be calculated by Equation (7.17) .

The design shear force Ve defined in will meet the conditions given in Equation (7.18) :

Otherwise, the wall transverse reinforcement and / or wall section dimensions will be increased to meet these conditions.