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Crane beam strength not satisfied.

This message is created by specifying the element name and floor on which it is located at the beginning of the report.

For example,

CRN001 BASE STORY Crane beam strength not satisfied.

The design strength of steel crane beams or beams depends on three conditions.

  1. The interaction of flexure and compression in crane beams. The flexural strength is calculated by the interaction of the axial force of the crane beam cross-section in the strong and weak axes.

  2. Crane beam shear strength control. The shear strength of the crane beam cross-section is calculated. The crane beam depends on the web plate area.

  3. The web shear buckling of Crane beams. This control depends on the crane beam web plate slenderness value.

Possible Solutions:

  • For all cases, the element cross-section size can be increased.

  • For cases 2 and 3, a section with a less slender web can be selected.

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