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Structural Performance Evaluation According to Nonlinear Analysis (5.9)

  • For new buildings and for the evaluation of existing buildings, Deformation and Design According to the ŞGDT approach, deformation limits and element evaluation are done automatically.

  • As a result of the reduction in element size and reinforcement, the calculation is under the control of the user with the DGT and ŞGDT approach.

Finalization of the Design According to ŞGDT

As a result of the nonlinear analysis, element dimensions and reinforcement amount should not be reduced when the Assessment and Design Based on Deformation (ŞGDT) approach is applied for new buildings and existing buildings. In case of reduction , the calculation made with the Design Based on Strength (DOT) approach given in Section 4 of TBDY should be repeated, and then the nonlinear analysis should be performed again and the results should be evaluated.

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