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I can't find the interactive camera, where is it?

The interactive camera has been removed with version 8. With the help of the mouse and keyboard, you can move as you are in the interactive camera.

In the perspective window, it is possible to examine the building model by rotating it as we want, zooming in and out, and up and down movements at different levels.

To examine the model in perspective window;

  • If you click and hold the mouse wheel on the perspective window, the mouse pointer will turn into a hand. If you move the mouse cursor left and right, the image will shift right and left. In this case, if you move the cursor up and down, the image will scroll up and down.

  • Move the mouse by holding down the mouse wheel and holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard at the same time . The perspective will rotate on the perspective screen.

  • When you rotate the mouse wheel forward, the image will zoom in, when you rotate it backward the image will zoom out.

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