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How to ask a question in the customers portal?

After logging in to the customers portal, follow the steps below.

  • Click on one of the titles Concrete, Steel or Architectural Design with ideCAD.

If you are only a user of ideCAD Structural Concrete or ideCAD Architecture , the selection screen will not appear. Concrete Design with ideCAD or Architectural Design with ideCAD page opens.

  • Click on the title related to your question on the page that opens. If the titles do not match your question, click on the Other questions title.

  • You can direct your questions for customers portal on the page that opens.

  • Briefly write your question in the summary line. While writing your question, suggested articles on the subject will be listed under the title.

  • Explain your question in detail in the description section.

  • Add the documents you want to add to your question by clicking the Browse button in the Attachment section .

  • Add your projects with .cde extension.

  • Select the ideCAD version you are using from the Version section.

  • Click the Send button.

  • Your question will occur in the customers portal.

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