• In the element reports, ductile and non-ductile internal forces are separated in the table and the increase by the D coefficient is summarized.

  • For example, after the analysis of the 11th floor S01 column in the above table, the calculation of internal forces based on the design is given. If we examine the EX direction in detail, the V2 (i) calculation for non-ductile behavior is as follows:

For -Ex (+ 5%) V2 (i) = 21.888 kN, Design basis Ex (+5) D V2 (i) = 21.888 * 2.5 = 54.72 kN √

  • The internal forces of the ductile internal forces, on the other hand, are not increased in any way. For example, looking at the ductile part in the table above, the forces are the same for Ex (+ 5%).

For -Ex (+ 5%) Ni = 10.027 kN, Design basis Ex (+5) D Ni = 10.027 kN √