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How can I change secondary beam connections in a group form?

It is possible to change the connection types of purlins and secondary beams and the properties of the connections in a group form. The commands described below are valid for purlins and secondary beams. 

How can I change the secondary beam connections as a group?

Changing the connection type of the secondary beams

  1. The secondary beam properties menu is entered by double-clicking on the secondary beam group. 

  2. The preferred connection type is selected from the "connection type" list in the Extensions tab.

  3. When the "OK" button is pressed, secondary beam connections will change.

Changing the connection properties of the secondary beams

  1. To select all the connections in the secondary beam group, hold down the Ctrl key and click on one of the secondary beam connections.

  2. In this way, all the connections in the secondary beam group are selected.

  3. By right-clicking the menu or by pressing the ctrl+e keys, the properties of the connection will open.

  4. From the opened window, properties such as plate thicknesses, bolt numbers and bolt distances are changed and the window is closed by pressing the "OK" button.

  5. When the window is closed, the properties of the secondary beam connections are changed. 

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