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DWG/DXF - 2D Import

DWG/DXF-2D (Import) command is used to open .dwg and .dxf files in 2D in ideCAD or load them into the project.

Location of the Import DWG/DXF - 2D Command

You can access it from the menu under the ideCAD logo in the upper left corner of the screen in the ribbon menu.


Usage Steps

  • Click the İdeCAD logo in the upper left corner.

  • Click the Import/DWG/DXF-2B line from the menu that opens.

  • In the opened dialog, the file to be imported is selected and the Open button is clicked.

  • The DWG / DXF Import Options dialog will open.

  • The file will open when the necessary parameters are set in the dialog and the OK button is clicked.

Import Options Dialog



Select imported objects

If checked, all imported objects are automatically selected as a result of the import operation.

Block imported objects

If checked, all objects in the imported drawing will be made into a single block.

Import line weights


If checked, line weights are imported.

Convert to nearest colors

The colors of the objects in the imported drawing are converted to match the colors available on the color scale.

Convert to basic colors

The colors of the objects in the imported drawing are converted to primary colors.

Original dimensions/New dimensions

New dimension is defined to the drawing to be imported. When a value is entered in any row, other dimensions are automatically changed while preserving the original dimensions. The scale of the newly entered dimensions appears in the Scale row.


The dimensions of the drawing to be imported are enlarged/reduced to the entered value.


After import, the drawing is shifted by the given values.

Move to origin

If the option is selected, the lower left corner of the imported drawing is placed at the origin point.

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