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There is B warning in my columns. How can I solve it?

In order to determine which elements are caused by the problem in the column-beam junction area, firstly click on the column row from the Reinforced Concrete menu and enter the column reinforced concrete dialog. From here, click once on your problematic element with the left mouse button. Click on the Joint Security line and you can detect the elements in the direction of the problem from the window that opens. After detecting, you can apply the following suggestions in the relevant direction.

Suggestions regarding failure to provide Column-Beam Connection Shear Safety:

Vmax= x . bj . h .kök(fck)

X = 1.7 for confined joints, x = 1.0 for unconfined joints.

Vmax = Maximum limit value

will explain fck = concrete characteristic cylinder compressive strength bj and h separately.

Beam shear force:
Ve = 1,25. fyk (As1 + As2) - Vkol fyk = reinforcement characteristic yield strength
As1 = The total area of ​​the tensile reinforcement placed on one side of the column-beam joint to meet the negative moment of the
beam As2 = On the other side of the beam according to As1, placed below to meet the positive moment area of ​​tensile reinforcement
Vkol = smaller of column shear forces. For detailed information on the notations, check the earthquake regulations.
If Ve> Vmax in any earthquake direction, there is B in the columns.
The relevant column is marked and the column-beam connection shear safety report is obtained, it is checked in which direction (which beams) the column is written UNSafe. Measures will be taken in the direction of that beam.

a - The easiest way is to increase the value of bj or h.

Bj = In the earthquake direction considered, from the vertical middle axis of the beam stuck to the junction area, twice the distance to the column edge.

The perpendicular dimension of the column belonging to the beam with h = UNSAFE written
As can be seen, the value of bj increases as the beam slides into the middle of the column or the beam width increases. If the bj value cannot be increased, the h value must be increased. You can make 50/30 instead of 50/25, or you can reverse the column sizes.

b- Making the column curtain

Curtains do not fall under the column-beam shear safety control.

c- Measures should be taken to reduce As1 and As2. More rigid system design, such as ensuring the continuity of the frames. Generally due to overhangs, frames in the form of column-beam-column and stud beam again column-beam-column-shaped frames create negativity.

d- Increase the fcd by using higher strength concrete.

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