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ODT Materials

Coating materials are produced to cover the designed door-window objects.

Creating Material and Assigning This Material to Objects

  • Click on the Construction / Add New Material row.

  • In the dialog that comes up, click and hold the Color box and select the appropriate color.

  • If you activate the Transparent option, all objects covered with that material will be included in the ideCAD Architectural transparently during rendering.

  • Name your material.

  • Click the "Add" button. The material has been activated in the materials section at the bottom of the design tracking window. Unless you create a new material, all the objects you create will be created by covering with this material from now on.

  • If you double click on the material from the project tracking window, you can make changes on the material from the dialog that opens.

  • Enter the Properties of the vault . Select the material you created in the Material section from the Parameters section .

  • Do the item assignment for all your objects.

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