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Flexural Buckling Members without Slender Elements per AISC 360-16 with ideCAD

How does ideCAD calculate the flexural buckling limit state for compression strength according to AISC 360-16?

  • The compression strength of steel elements is calculated automatically according to AISC 360-16.

  • The nominal compressive strength limit states of flexural buckling, torsional buckling, and flexural-torsional buckling are controlled automatically according to AISC 360-16.


Ag : Gross cross-sectional area of member
Fcr : Critical stress
Fe : Elastic buckling stress determined according to Equation E3-4,
Fy : Specified minimum yield stress of the type of steel being used,
K : Effective length factor
L: Laterally unbraced length of the member
Lc : Effective length of the member, (= KL)
Pn : Nominal compressive strength, kips (N)
r : Radius of gyration

Flexural Buckling Members without Slender Elements §E3

This section applies to non slender-element compression members, as defined in AISC Section B4.1, for steel elements in axial compression.

The nominal compressive strength, Pn, is determined based on the limit state of flexural buckling:

The critical stress, Fcr, is determined as follows:

  • When

  • When

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