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Vertical Earthquake Effects


S DS = Short period design spectral acceleration coefficient [dimensionless]
E d (Z) = (Z) direction earthquake effect under the effect of the design underlying earthquake
G = Constant load effect

4.4.3. Vertical Earthquake Impact - Vertical earthquake calculation in buildings classified as DTS = 1, DTS = 1a, DTS = 2 and DTS = 2a and containing the following elements, based on the local vertical vibration modes of these elements, only the vertical elasticity defined in 2.3.5 for these elements According to the acceleration spectrum , it will be done with the method given in 4.8.2 . In this calculation of the vertical earthquake effect E d (Z) , R / I = 1 and D = 1 for all structural systems .

(a)  Buildings containing beams whose openings have a horizontal projection of 20 m or more,

(b)  Buildings containing consoles whose openings have a horizontal projection of 5 m or more,

(c) Buildings containing columns resting on beams, 

(d) Buildings whose columns are inclined relative to the vertical.

The vertical earthquake effect E d (Z) in the structural system parts other than the elements specified in - and in buildings other than the definition in will be calculated approximately with Equation (4.10) without making a special calculation. 


Here, G shows the constant load effect and S DS shows the short-period design spectral acceleration coefficient defined in 2.3.2

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