• In T-Beam construction, effective flange width is determined an applied automatically.


bf = effective flange width, in.
bw = web width or diameter of circular section, in.
h = overall thickness, height, or depth of member, in.
ln = length of clear span measured face-to-face of supports, in.
sw = clear distance between adjacent webs, in.

In nonprestressed T-Beam monolithic concrete construction, effective flange width bf, equlas to the beam width bw plus an effective overhanging flange width in accordance with ACI Table

h is the slab thickness and sw is the clear distance to the adjacent web.

According to ACI, isolated nonprestressed T-beams as used to provide additional compression area should have a flange thickness grater than or equal to 0.5bw and an effective flange width less than or equal to 4bw.

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