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Furnished Story Plan Presentation

Furnished story plans and perspective views are obtained by cutting building horizontally at any height with Horizontal Plan Section command.

Location of the Horizontal Plan Section Command

You can access it under the Ribbon menu Rendering tab, Tools heading.

Horizontal Plan Section Toolbar


New horizontal plan section

It is the horizontal plan section creation icon.

Delete horizontal plan section

It is the icon used to erase the horizontal plan section created.

Horizontal plan section list

Taken horizontal plan sections are listed.

Trim settings

Opens the settings dialog.

Usage Steps

  • Finalize your project for a furnished story plan presentation.

  • If you want the zone names and square meters to be included in your furnished story plan, add the information by using the 3D text command.

  • Click the Horizontal Plan Section icon. The horizontal plan section toolbar will open.

  • When you click the New Horizontal Plan Section icon from the toolbar, the Horizontal Plan Section dialog will open.

  • Make the settings you want from the dialog. Enter the elevation value to be cut.

  • When you click the OK button, your model will be cut from the elevation you have determined.

  • When you go to the top view from the right click menu and render, your furnished story plan will be ready.

Usage step

Finalizing the project for furnished story plan presentation

Clicking the new horizontal plan section icon from the toolbar

Making settings in the horizontal plan section dialog

Taking the horizontal plan section

Switching to top view

Top view of horizontal plan section

Completing the furnished story plan by rendering

Horizontal Plan Section Dialogue


Trim name

The section is given a name or number.


If checked, the horizontal plan section is seen in the perspective window, when the mark is removed, the current perspective model is displayed without being cut.

Cut library elements

While creating the horizontal plan section, the library elements entering the current section will also be trimmed.

Cut stairs

While creating the horizontal plan section, the stairs entering the existing section will also be trimmed.

Trim from top/bottom

While creating the horizontal plan section, the option of trimming from top or bottom is selected.


While creating the horizontal plan section, it determines the section elevation where the plan will be cut.


The color of the cut surfaces is determined.

Automatic texture

Marked and cut surface material is given automatically. If the mark is removed and the material is assigned, the selected material will be seen on the cut surfaces.

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