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Fast Move

With the Fast Move command, texts or sub-blocks in the block in 2D drawing windows are moved without exploding the block. Fast move command becomes active when switching to 2D drawing windows.

Fast Move Command Location

You can access it under the Drawings tab, Modify title, in 2D drawing windows .

You can also activate the command by pressing the M key on the keyboard .

Usage Steps

  • Click the fast move icon.

  • Click on the text in the block with the left mouse button.

  • Only the text you selected will be moved.

  • Click on the intended point with the left mouse button and place the text in its new place.

  • If you click on the drawing, it will move in the drawing along with the text.

Usage step

Before fast move

Selecting the text within the block

Moving to new location

Text in the block after fast move

Selecting the block

Moving to new location

Block after fast move

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