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Geometry Control

Check Geometry is used to check the presence of problematic objects in terms of geometric, placement and size on any story. At the end of the control, the results are listed on the screen and automatically selects the objects according to the user's preferences.

Location of the Check Geometry Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu Tools tab , under the title Tools.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Check Geometry icon in the ribbon menu .

  • In the dialog that appears on the screen, mark the conditions to be checked for geometry, specify whether the control will be made for all stories and enter the minimum object length (Zero value means no length control).

  • Click the OK button. The program will report whether problem situations are found or not, and list problematic objects, if any.

Checklist Dialog


Min. entity length

Lengths of short walls, short beams and short strips min. will be compared with the object length and objects shorter than this length will be marked.

Perform check at all stories

If checked, controls will be made for all stories.

Short entities

When checked, if there are objects with smaller openings than the value entered in the min. entity length line, the program lists these objects.

Overlapping entities

Lists overlapping objects.

Column/beam-panel intersections

If there are beams, walls and columns that are intersecting each other and not statically related, they are listed. This is due to the beam or shearwall not coming into contact with the column.

Vertical support consistency

It checks the case of vertical elements such as columns and walls to be cut in intermediate stories and forming faulty foundations. It occurs when the elevations of columns and shearwalls or element alignments are given incorrectly.

Entities with same ID

Detects objects with the same names. Check the necessity of the object with the same name.

Slabs with insufficient or invalid concrete axis

In static slabs, it is reported when the calculation axis is not drawn or it is drawn in only one direction.

Static slab elevations

Controls the relationship between slabs and beams. For example, if the level of a slab is given in a way that it does not connect to any beam, this error is encountered.

Beams without support

The beams whose two ends are unloaded are checked. The beam must be attached to another element at at least one point.

Check inclined slabs

Checks whether the stories are entered in accordance with the rules in sloping systems such as roof tiles.

Ribbed and waffle slabs

It checks the presence of the caliper and the continuity within itself, which is necessary for the solution of waffle and ribbed slab.

Static overriden entities

List the objects whose section parameters have been modified.

Entities with invalid structural material

Lists objects for which no structural material definition has been made.

Entities placed with possible wrong angle

List minor angle objects. Check if the angles of these objects are suitable for the project.

Check entities according to codes

When the option is selected, the conformity of the objects according to TDY 2007 and TS500 is checked. For example, floor height control is done according to the formula given in TS500.

Invalid doors/windows

It is checked whether the doors/windows are inside the wall.

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