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Change Rafter Dimensions

After the rafters are created, the section dimensions of any rafter are changed with the Change Rafter Dimensions command.

Location of Change Rafter Dimensions Command

You can access the change rafter dimensions command under the ribbon menu Modify tab Entity Edit .

Change Rafter Dimensions Dialog



Rafter section width is entered.


Rafter section height is entered.

Usage Steps

  • Click the change rafter dimensions icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Select the rafter you want to resize with the left mouse button.

  • The change rafter dimensions dialog will open.

  • Enter the new rafter dimensions.

  • When you close the dialog by clicking the OK button, the rafter you selected will change according to the dimensions you entered.

Usage step

Rafter before changing dimensions

Selection of the rafter to be resized

Entering 10 cm for the width value and 20 cm for the height value

Rafter after changing dimensions

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