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Steel Connection geometry not satisfied.

This message is created by giving the steel connection name at the beginning of the report.

For example,

Connection 1 Connection geometry not satisfied.

In connection design, geometry control is done with hole diameter, bolt spacing, bolt edge distance, and weld thickness values. Geometry control of steel connections is carried out according to the CYTHYE 2016 (GKT & YDKT), AISC 360-16 (ASD & LRFD) or EN 1993-1-1 codes.

  • Minimum horizontal and vertical bolt spacing control

  • Minimum distance control to element edge

  • Horizontal and vertical edge distance control with maximum bolt spacing

  • Weld thickness control

There are deficiencies in geometry controls within the connection design report. Necessary precautions can be taken for plates and bolts with these deficiencies.



  • The spacing between the bolts can be increased.

  • The plate size can be increased.

  • The bolt diameter can be reduced.

  • The plate thickness can be increased.

  • The weld thickness can be increased.

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