• Section Damage Area is automatically determined according to the section damage of plastic hinges .

  • According to all loading conditions in the ŞGDT approach, the section damage limits and section damage zones of the elements are determined automatically according to the most unfavorable situation.

While defining section damages , internal forces or deformations found by applying any of TBDY Section 15.5 linear calculation methods and Section 15.6 nonlinear calculation methods and earthquake calculation methods are compared with numerical values ​​corresponding to section damage limits in 15.3.1 and 15.3.2 . In this case, the Limit Damage (SH), Controlled Damage (KH) and Pre- Collapse Damage (LO) limit values ​​of the plastic hinges are calculated and compared with the plastic rotation value. This process is done separately for all earthquake loading cases and the section damage zone is determined for the most unfavorable case.

In the picture below, the areas where plastic hinges are formed and the damage conditions are shown for an example structure. Here, the plastic hinge elements shown in pink mean that they are in the limited damage zone , the plastic hinge elements shown in yellow are in the advanced damage zone, and the plastic hinge elements shown in red are in the collapse zone .