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Editing Stair Concrete Calculation Line

The properties of the concrete calculation lines defined in the stair are changed with the Edit Stair Concrete Calculation Line command.

Location of Edit Stair Concrete Calculation Line Command

You can reach it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Edit Stair Concrete Calculation Line icon.

  • Click on one of the calculation line defined on the stair.

  • The Stair Concrete Reinforcement Axis Parameters dialog will open.

  • Close the dialog by making the necessary selections and clicking the OK button.

  • The properties of the calculation line you choose will change.

Stairs Concrete Reinforcement Axis Parameters


Create section

If the option is selected, the stair section is prepared from the location where the calculation line passes in the stair drawing. If it is not checked, the section is not prepared.

Just for own area

It is the option that indicates that the stair calculation line will be active only in the defined area. For example, in a stair with a fold-floor, the calculation line can be defined for both the fold and the landing at once. If this option is not checked, reinforcements will be accepted continuously in both areas. If the option is checked, the reinforcements will be calculated and drawn in their respective fields.

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