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Define Local Offset to Edge

The define local offset to edge command is used to create a U-shaped thread on the sweep.

Location of Define Local Offset to Edge

You can access it from the ribbon menu Modify tab under Entity Edit title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Define Local Offset to Edge icon.

  • Sweep operations toolbar will be opened.

  • Click on the edge you want to create a tooth on the profile object you previously drew.

  • Move the mouse to the first point of the tooth on the object and click the left button to create the first point.

  • Determine the second point for the width of the tooth to be formed and click to create it.

  • Enter thread depth in the "Application Distance" box on the profile object operations toolbar.

  • Click the left mouse button and finish the process.

Usage step

The initial version of the sweep

Selecting the sweep

Determining the first point

Determination of the second point

Determination of tread depth as 50 cm

Final version of the sweep

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