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Camera Animation

Animation of the designs modeled with the Camera Animation command is prepared using the created camera path.

Location of the Camera Animation

You can access it under the Render title of the Ribbon menu Rendering tab .

Usage Steps

  • Click the Camera Animation icon.

  • Select the path you created and click the right mouse button. You will see the Camera Animation dialog.

  • After making the desired settings in the Camera Animation dialog, the render button is clicked.

  • The desired settings are made in the Render Settings dialog that opens after the button is pressed .

  • When you click the render button, a save as dialog will open.

  • Give it a name and click the save button.

  • Animation will start to be created.

Usage step

Choosing the camera path

Camera animation settings

Adjusting the rendering settings

Starting to create animation

Creation of animation

Camera Animation Settings


Camera speed

The speed of the camera on the selected road.

Angular speed

It specifies, in degrees/second, at what speed the camera will complete the specified rotation. (Indicates the amount of rotations to be performed per second.)

Reset timing

Applies the change in camera and angular speed values.


The number of frames to be displayed in a second. As the number of frames increases, smoother transitions are seen, and as the number of frames decreases, skips are seen. As the number of frames is increased, the animation rendering time will increase.

Go to frame

It leads to the desired square on the defined path.


Zooms in on the plan plane to the point where you say Go To Frame.

Play reversed

Plays the front image of the defined path from the last frame to the first frame.

Play looped

Plays continuously until you stop the preview of the defined path.

Safe frame

Shows the boundaries of the image the camera will take according to the quality settings you specified.

Full frame

Previews to show all frames. Depending on the computer performance, a longer preview can be made than the animation time.

Real time

Previews by setting the number of frames according to the animation time. It determines the number of frames depending on the computer performance.

Front view

It gives you the option to preview the path you defined without creating the animation, and to make forward and backward movements on the path.

Video quality presets

There are options with defined width and height values.

Video quality manual

Width and height values ​​can be adjusted arbitrarily.

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